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  • Yomega Kiss

    Alternative : ヨメガキッす

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : May-27-2024 13:05:03 PM
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Yomega Kiss summary:

Super serious and uptight high school student Koutaro Suzuki and his obnoxious gyaru kouhai Sorako Mozu get along like cats and dogs. She spends her days tormenting him, while he spends his days getting outraged by her. However, the two of them share a secret...that they're living together as fiancés!! Under the condition that Koutaro marry Sorako, who comes from a wealthy real estate family, they've agreed to buy his father's company and save it from going under!!Having to deal with Sorako, who uses this and that (and you know what) to torment him, can Koutaro make her yield and successfully marry her?!
Maybe coming in the next issue
Yomega Kiss Chapter 16
Yomega Kiss Chapter 17
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 14841,697Yesterday
Chapter 13.5452,975Yesterday
Chapter 13607,375Yesterday
Chapter 12.5205,107Yesterday
Chapter 12596,816Yesterday
Chapter 11964,879Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 10312,199Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 9166,973Yesterday
Vol.2 Chapter 8106,946Yesterday
Chapter 7.5690,406Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 7566,309Yesterday
Vol.1 Chapter 6283,265Yesterday
Chapter 5865,910Yesterday
Chapter 4: Chapter 4330,683Yesterday
Chapter 3: Chapter 3176,770Yesterday
Chapter 2: Chapter 2765,565Yesterday
Chapter 1: Chapter 1809,002Yesterday

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