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  • Carsearin

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  • Author(s) : Yoo Jungguan
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-04-2023 05:12:33 AM
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  • Genres : Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
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Carsearin summary:

The first runaway dragon, Arin’s adventure in the human world!!! In the Larteard Mountains, a huge mountainous region occupying the center of the continent, lived the Red Dragon Clan, the dirtiest of dragons… A 300-year old child (?), who yearned for the adventure of the human warrior, turned into a human being using the only form-conversion magic, “Polymorph,” to secretly run away from home. Instead of being a warrior, Arin is chased by orcs, sold as a slave, and became a princess. Here she begins a tough adventure with a human body!
Maybe coming in the next issue
Carsearin Chapter 77
Carsearin Chapter 78
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 76464,441Yesterday
Chapter 75183,489Yesterday
Chapter 74268,835Yesterday
Chapter 73678,374Yesterday
Chapter 72899,343Yesterday
Chapter 71738,579Yesterday
Chapter 70443,176Yesterday
Chapter 69511,045Yesterday
Chapter 68473,550Yesterday
Chapter 672,067Yesterday
Chapter 66937,027Yesterday
Chapter 65447,482Yesterday
Chapter 64629,054Yesterday
Chapter 63702,764Yesterday
Chapter 62796,912Yesterday
Chapter 61334,837Yesterday
Chapter 60621,111Yesterday
Chapter 59787,615Yesterday
Chapter 5812,553Yesterday
Chapter 57937,478Yesterday
Chapter 56554,572Yesterday
Chapter 55890,669Yesterday
Chapter 54674,842Yesterday
Chapter 53698,701Yesterday
Chapter 52698,912Yesterday
Chapter 51136,135Yesterday
Chapter 50785,927Yesterday
Chapter 49695,375Yesterday
Chapter 48824,290Yesterday
Chapter 47441,775Yesterday
Chapter 46675,386Yesterday
Chapter 45404,478Yesterday
Chapter 44428,305Yesterday
Chapter 43822,059Yesterday
Chapter 42359,051Yesterday
Chapter 41862,048Yesterday
Chapter 40405,170Yesterday
Chapter 39242,230Yesterday
Chapter 38348,600Yesterday
Chapter 37331,421Yesterday
Chapter 36838,544Yesterday
Chapter 35573,776Yesterday
Chapter 34180,194Yesterday
Chapter 33270,664Yesterday
Chapter 3288,929Yesterday
Chapter 31770,168Yesterday
Chapter 30226,616Yesterday
Chapter 29456,804Yesterday
Chapter 28911,107Yesterday
Chapter 27343,914Yesterday
Chapter 26437,452Yesterday
Chapter 25253,912Yesterday
Chapter 24596,772Yesterday
Chapter 23674,209Yesterday
Chapter 22963,148Yesterday
Chapter 21224,268Yesterday
Chapter 20392,334Yesterday
Chapter 19686,156Yesterday
Chapter 18501,260Yesterday
Chapter 17521,062Yesterday
Chapter 16578,074Yesterday
Chapter 15405,504Yesterday
Chapter 14907,099Yesterday
Chapter 13491,445Yesterday
Chapter 12362,792Yesterday
Chapter 11948,769Yesterday
Chapter 10451,275Yesterday
Chapter 9117,421Yesterday
Chapter 8719,338Yesterday
Chapter 7317,886Yesterday
Chapter 6610,221Yesterday
Chapter 5256,404Yesterday
Chapter 4771,234Yesterday
Chapter 3829,102Yesterday
Chapter 2209,652Yesterday
Chapter 194,751Yesterday

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