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Go Away, Let Me Be Cute First! CHAPTER LIST
  • Go Away, Let Me Be Cute First!

    Alternative : 滚开,我要先萌一会儿

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  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-04-2023 21:12:07 PM
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Go Away, Let Me Be Cute First! summary:

This is a series of short serialized manhua stories that focuses on cats' daily lives. It centers on interesting everyday life stories of a sweet naive cat called "Fu Gui" and an arrogant cat called "Fa Cai", as well as their sentimental owner Niu Hong Hong.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Chapter 61: Brushing Teeth492,04214 hours ago
Chapter 58: Magical Lamp28,91914 hours ago
Chapter 56: Travelling333,14914 hours ago
Chapter 5582,15014 hours ago
Chapter 5348,71314 hours ago
Chapter 52606,00314 hours ago
Chapter 51: Eating Crabs346,82014 hours ago
Chapter 50: Sweet Dream118,84114 hours ago
Chapter 47125,47314 hours ago
Chapter 46: Everywhere129,14314 hours ago
Chapter 43: High-End Foodie847,57514 hours ago
Chapter 42: I Am An Actor386,31314 hours ago
Vol.1 Chapter 16: Win269,15114 hours ago
Vol.1 Chapter 13: Hypnosis416,44514 hours ago

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