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Magical School Meal CHAPTER LIST
  • Magical School Meal

    Alternative : Magical School Lunch ;Magical School Lunch; Magical School Meal; Magical Student: Wizard Assassin; Magical 給食; Magical 給食: 暗殺法師; 매지컬 급식 ; 매지컬 급식:암살법사

  • Author(s) : Wong Wong-I
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Dec-04-2023 07:12:29 AM
  • TransGroup :
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  • Genres : Action, Drama, School life
  • TransGroup :

Magical School Meal summary:

In a modern society full of all kinds of villains', God has descended to bring justice to this chaotic world.The hero who will fulfill his justice is Magic..
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Chapter 30959,443Yesterday
Chapter 29649,099Yesterday
Chapter 28728,389Yesterday
Chapter 27778,280Yesterday
Chapter 26416,185Yesterday
Chapter 25600,438Yesterday
Chapter 24144,116Yesterday
Chapter 23217,085Yesterday
Chapter 22281,099Yesterday
Chapter 21604,483Yesterday
Chapter 20561,759Yesterday
Chapter 1957,442Yesterday
Chapter 1815,624Yesterday
Chapter 17899,170Yesterday
Chapter 1675,425Yesterday
Chapter 15528,378Yesterday
Chapter 14386,624Yesterday
Chapter 13673,952Yesterday
Chapter 12148,529Yesterday
Chapter 1143,533Yesterday
Chapter 10503,111Yesterday
Chapter 9923,642Yesterday
Chapter 8502,643Yesterday
Chapter 7849,144Yesterday
Chapter 6600,102Yesterday
Chapter 5229,247Yesterday
Chapter 4708,401Yesterday
Chapter 3976,643Yesterday
Chapter 2387,884Yesterday
Chapter 1587,515Yesterday

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