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Napoleon - Age Of The Lion CHAPTER LIST
  • Napoleon - Age Of The Lion

    Alternative : Napoleon ; Napoleon - Shishi no Jidai ; ナポレオン 獅子の時代 ; 拿破仑-狮子的时代

  • Author(s) : Hasegawa Tetsuya
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Jun-11-2024 16:06:08 PM
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  • Genres : Action, Historical, Seinen
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Napoleon - Age Of The Lion summary:

This is a story of the life of Napoleon. The tale begins just before the Battle of Austerlitz. Then, it jumps back to 1769 to tell the story of Napoleon's life from the very beginning, including the circumstances of his birth, his childhood on Corsica, and his difficulties as a Corsican boy in a French school. All of these experiences eventually culminate in his becoming the famous Emperor of the French.
Chapter name View Time uploaded
Vol.6 Chapter 41870,7472 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 4034,2672 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 39577,1032 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 38231,6312 weeks ago
Vol.6 Chapter 373,8732 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 36430,8592 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 35551,4332 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 34404,0132 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 33861,2682 weeks ago
Vol.5 Chapter 32883,4342 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 31943,2142 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 30317,4922 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 29373,9672 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 28708,3742 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 27824,5732 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 26847,9282 weeks ago
Vol.4 Chapter 25671,3052 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 24137,7582 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 23380,0032 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 22153,8522 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 2118,2902 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 20779,6272 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 19560,5272 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 18497,7572 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 17426,3422 weeks ago
Vol.3 Chapter 16395,8692 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 15919,8462 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 14622,0052 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 13678,8172 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 12944,5232 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 11530,6492 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 10182,0202 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 982,5372 weeks ago
Vol.2 Chapter 8366,4952 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 7200,4402 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 6386,4202 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 5661,4752 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 4583,1732 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 3872,5782 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 2375,6992 weeks ago
Vol.1 Chapter 1602,4872 weeks ago

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